Why is it worth investing in Instagram if we have our own business?

Why is it worth investing in Instagram if we have our own business?

When starting our own business, we often wonder not only about these factors, how to start, but also how to promote it, so that more people know about it. In today’s era of the Internet and competition, marketing in this respect is very important if we want our achievements to reach more people. How was it before? Advertisements in newspapers, billboards, or large signs in front of the company’s premises with advertising slogans that encouraged us to take advantage of the offer.  Today it is a bit easier because of the resources we can use. Of course, we are talking about Facebook and Instagram.


The first one is more popular. We set up a page that we can connect to our private account and insert content about the company there. For example, when we have a clothing boutique, we take photos of the styling and upload them together with the advertising slogan. Thanks to this, the customer can see what we have to present before coming to the store. The same applies to other services, e.g. tourism, art, furniture, etc.


So why not stay on Facebook, but it is also worth investing in promoting on Instagram? After all, it seems so easy and not very laborious, why add more responsibilities, what is linking your account with Instagram and posting similar content?


Let’s start with some simple statistics provided by Instagram itself on its website:

More than 25 million company profiles around the world, Page 1 Over 2 million advertisers around the world use Instagram to report their activity and improve business results, 60% of respondents replied that they learn about new products from Instagram, Over 200 million of users visit at least one company profile a day, 1/3 of the viewed stories on Instagram come from company accounts. What’s the result? First of all, it is a refutation of the thesis that only young people have Instagram accounts and upload photos from holidays or events (admit that you have heard such an opinion more than once from your friends or someone from your surroundings). Secondly, as I mentioned in previous posts, Instagram’s popularity is increasing day by day, which I mentioned with statistics. In addition to adults, these are different types of business accounts where we can see advertisements for various products. Third, Instagram gives us the ability to tag. As a result, it is faster for us to find a given product when we enter the tag that interests us in the search engine. We will then see photos of products that were of direct interest to us, and thanks to the additional location function, we can immediately see whether a given company is close to us.  Where is the best way to start then?


1) Setting up an Instagram is easier than you think. You just need … e-mail. Downloading the Instagram application to our phone will take less than a minute, after that, all we need to do is provide our e-mail address to which the confirmation of the account creation will come, choose a catchy name, and voilà!


2) What’s the best way to choose a name? As they say, it should be short and to the point! We don’t have to use our full name, just choose the abbreviations so that everything is in line with the topic, but also catchy! If we have a long company name, let’s come up with something short and catchy. Do you have any idea? Write to us and we will help you choose the right name for your profile or ask your friends, two heads are better than one!


3) Selection of photos. This is probably the most difficult point in our entire “undertaking”. Why? When we undertake an Instagram account and want to advertise products on it, it is best if we also take care of the aesthetics of the profile. Let’s face it, most of us are visual learners and if we are looking for products, it is important to us what kind of company it is, what they are characterized by and what they represent, and how to do it online when we are not in contact with a given person? The first impression is always the most important. How the client perceives us must play the first fiddle, so let’s try to maintain the aesthetics of the profile. The photos do not have to be taken in a professional studio, with models or other special effects, but let’s try to make the selection of photos similar or uniform. If you have a problem with arranging such photos or you are not sure, We would like to remind you that our price list also includes a package for companies. This is the perfect opportunity for beginners who need a few tips to get started.


4) Hashtags + location. Once again, we must emphasize that this is very important when it comes to keeping your Instagram accounts. Adding a few hashtags and locations to your post can really double your profile reach, so don’t forget about that when adding another photo!


5) Cooperation with influencers. If our company or account is already at a certain stage of development, it is worth following the footsteps of fashion and looking for people willing to cooperate. You don’t know what it is? Influencers are people who can advertise our brand. We probably observe such profiles or met them more than once, but not everyone knew what was going on. It is about a kind of cooperation, where by sending a product to a given person, she advertises it on her profile. It is a big advantage for us when it comes to acquiring customers, and we do not bear any additional costs for advertising. A proven and fast way!


If you are curious about other tips, Socialcaptain.co.uk will be happy to help you and tell you how to get started to get your first customers on Instagram.