What Happens During the First Prenatal Care Checkup?

What Happens During the First Prenatal Care Checkup?

What Happens During the First Prenatal Care Checkup?

Won’t you be on cloud nine the moment you get to hear or see your positive pregnancy report? Without any doubt, becoming pregnant for the first time is a one-of-a-kind experience for every woman. Taking every step safely and carefully should be your priority while you carry a life in your womb. Similarly, it is essential to undergo routine prenatal care checkups to keep your and your baby’s health in the best condition.

A reputed prenatal care Singapore specialist checks on a pregnant woman and her growing baby at every scheduled appointment. No matter what, you should not skip a prenatal care visit. Most women give birth to a healthy child if they receive top standard prenatal care services early and regularly. Keep in mind that even if you feel fine, visiting your prenatal care provider’s chamber is essential.

The first prenatal care checkup takes longer compared to the following ones because the provider asks a pregnant woman several questions regarding her physical and mental health. Keep reading to learn about everything a prenatal care professional will do when you undergo your first prenatal care checkup.

Measure Height and Weight

Firstly, your provider will check your height and weight. The sole reason for doing so is to determine how much exactly your weight should be over the period of your pregnancy. Gaining weight more than your provider’s expectation may make you experience problems during your delivery.

Conduct Blood and Urine Tests

A prenatal care specialist will find out whether or not you have any infections such as syphilis, HIV and hepatitis B by conducting a blood test. It is done to check for anemia and identify the Rh factor and blood type. The stage of anemia is when there is a scarcity of healthy red blood cells that transport oxygen to the rest of the body. Your baby could suffer from Rh disorder if there’s no or dearth of Rh factors.

Your provider will also carry out urine tests and check your blood pressure to detect preeclampsia. Many women suffer from this severe health condition throughout the pregnancy period. Also, a urine test report clarifies whether one has protein in excessive amounts in their urine, bladder or kidney infection.

Check Pelvis and Womb

Your provider will check your pelvis and womb not only during your first checkup but every time you visit to find out the health status of both of them. Collecting cells from your cervix will enable your provider to look for gonorrhea, chlamydia and cancer.

Give a Flu Shot

Your prenatal care provider may give a flu shot during your first prenatal care checkup to ensure that you and your baby stay safe and healthy. A well-versed prenatal care provider always makes a pregnant woman aware of the reason beforehand for giving a flu jab. Your provider will do the same.

Final Words

Aside from the aforementioned ones, your prenatal care specialist will also prescribe a multivitamin during your first visit. Consuming a prenatal vitamin during pregnancy can help you safeguard your child from congenital disabilities of the spine, brain and mouth.