What Are the Changes That Happened In Instagram This Year?

What Are the Changes That Happened In Instagram This Year?

What Are the Changes That Happened In Instagram This Year?

Instagram has become very popular and is one of the most preferred social media platforms. Instagram has millions of users who love to update their day to day activities and interact with other Instagram users. The more the followers, the more popular your account becomes. Many companies use this platform for advertising their products, brands, and services. To publicise their brand, these companies buy Instagram likes. It helps in engaging with the audience in a much more effective way. Over the years, Instagram has changed and become a trending social media platform.

A Useful Platform for Business

Instagram now has been customised for products related to lifestyle. This has allowed many brands to sell their products on this platform and improve their sales. Many people tend to buy products that are being sold on Instagram, hence increasing the popularity of the brand or company. So, if you want to promote your business and improve your sales, then Instagram is the best platform to use.

Stories on Instagram has Become a Trend

Since it has been launched, Instagram has seen more stories on its story board than before. These stories are the first thing that any user sees when he or she goes into their account. These are more popular than the posts or feeds as they are only available for 24 hours. It is considered as the most effective of communicating with family and friends. People viewing a company or promotional stories tend to direct themselves to the company post or end up buying the products. 

Instagram stories are based on real-time and also give an idea of how the person could be. These stories are put instantly and hence they are usually the thoughts and updates of what that particular person is doing at the time of posting. For companies, it gives a personal touch to their followers and other Instagram users. It also helps the users to get an idea of what the product or services could be.

Trying to Get More Followers

With young people using Instagram for their social updates, the need to increase followers has grown over the years. The number of followers helps you to judge the popularity of the person or business and how engaged they are with their audience. Many companies like to buy Instagram followers to increase their popularity and scope of selling their brand. This strategy is quite useful as Instagram considers these businesses and companies as part of their most popular users. Hence, highlighting their products on the top of the list. People run after the ratings of a company or brand. In the case of Instagram, people keep a tab on the number of followers before they can trust the brand or company. 

Building upon Instagram’s IGTV Application

Horizontal photos and videos have been viral for many years especially in social media. Instagram decided to take its video mode to some different level. They introduced the IGTV application that allows the users to take vertical videos that will still love amazing on your feeds. 

This was done on the fact that to view videos horizontally; people had to turn their screens to get a better view of the video. With the IGTV application on Instagram, people need not worry about the focus and angle of the phone to make videos. It has also given the freedom to their users to become more creative.