Shopping on Instagram, another novelty!

Shopping on Instagram, another novelty!

Instagram has recently surprised us with many aspects (apart from the negative ones, which are the cut-offs on our accounts). Probably many of you have noticed that in some company stores you can now directly buy the products you need.

Until now, companies with clothing, cosmetics, or other things interesting for us, shared a photo of the product, and then sent us to the website, where we had to add everything to the basket, sometimes browse the website from the very beginning, because maybe like something, and only then the customer paid for the product or after long operations, he thought.

Instagram goes against wasting time in this way. Thanks to the “Make a purchase” option, we can buy products easily, comfortably, and hassle-free. We don’t have to go to the browser to buy the product we like. Payment information and our details are kept in one place, so we can buy products from different brands without having to log in and re-enter the same information multiple times. The first company to introduce such a method to its Instagram market is Revolve from the United States.

“We are extremely pleased to cooperate with Instagram. It’s great to be a pioneer who can provide in-app purchases to your followers! At REVOLVE, we aspire to create a unique hassle-free shopping environment. The Instagram interface enriched with the Make a purchase option will allow you to reach the millennial audience even more effectively. Young customers will surely appreciate the new, quick and easy way to buy on the platform where they view our products, content and actively contribute. ” Said Ryan Pabelona, ​​Director of Performance Marketing.

Other companies that have benefited from the latest addition are Nike, Adidas, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Balmain, Burberry, ColourPop, Dior, Huda Beauty, H&M, KKW Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, Michael Kors, NARS, Nike, NYX Cosmetics, Oscar de la Renta, Outdoor Voices, Ouai Hair, Prada, Revolve, Uniqlo, Warby Parker, and Zara.
Apart from that, you can also notice success in Polish companies. And I’m not just talking about popular brands here, but also smaller accounts that we run ourselves may have the “Make a purchase” option.

What are the advantages of such purchases?

First of all, we, as customers, save time that is valuable to us. We don’t have to open a million other windows to buy, for example, shoes or some other gadget.
Second, how many times have we had that you buy one item, we looked at the next tab and suddenly there were fifteen other items in our cart? Suddenly, our wallet was shrinking, and our remorse was growing because the amount was three times greater than we thought. So it is a good solution because we care about our savings. We like one thing, we are directed directly to its purchase. No unnecessary distractions!

Thirdly, most of you probably wonder if it is safe since our data is saved in one place. Yes, because all data is encrypted and only we can access it from our browser. Instead, we should not worry about using them against us.

How do I start with the “Make a purchase” option?

If we have an online store and we want to start an Instagram that will help us promote products, please refer to our previous post, where we describe step by step what is the best way to start.

Then, after taking photos and publishing them on the profile, all you need to do is go to this page https://www.facebook.com/business/instagram/shopping/checkout-interest-form and thanks to that Buy Instagram Followers will be able to facilitate our customer’s shopping.