Mid-Century Tips For Your Modern Bedroom

Mid-Century Tips For Your Modern Bedroom

Mid-century modern interior designs are quite common. Even if you have not visited a home with a mid-century modern interior design, you have seen images online or in magazines. Although this home interior design was popular in the 1940s and 60s, it is back in trend once again. This design mainly focuses on three aspects, functionality, accessibility, and simplicity. Hence, it is ideal for homeowners who have a small home design and want to keep the space clean and aesthetically appealing. If you want to give your modern bedroom a mid-century look but are not sure how to create one, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 07 Choose furniture with tapered legs 

Furniture pieces have a huge impact on the overall look of the room. Hence, you must pick furniture pieces that help to create the right modern bedroom design. One of the primary features of mid-century furniture pieces is tapered legs. Tapered legs are basically round and slender legs that give the furniture pieces a very distinctive look. Since the legs are quite sleek, it gives a sense that the furniture pieces in the room are floating. As a result, the room appears more spacious and airy. This is why this type of furniture is extremely popular in small bedroom designs. You can create a very visually appealing room using these furniture pieces. 

02 of 07 Consider adding wood 

If you want to create a mid-century look, you must consider adding wood to your bedroom design. Natural wood is one of the highlights of a mid-century bedroom. During the 60s, using natural elements in home decor was very popular. Hence, natural wood was commonly used in the home interiors. Besides natural wood, using unstained wood in the home design was very common as well. Hence, look for options that are not painted and show off grains.

03 of 07 Use shapes that are organic 

In mid-century bedrooms, the use of curved lines, rounded shapes, and asymmetry is very common. Interior designers incorporated various curved, clean, and sculptural shapes in home designs that were inspired by shapes in the natural world and even the human body. To introduce organic shapes to your home interiors, you can use various items like lamps, furniture pieces, and even artwork. 

04 of 07 Introduce graphic patterns to the bedroom design

Besides organic forms, graphic patterns were very famous in mid-century modern bedroom designs. You can use various graphic patterns in your bedroom to give it a modern mid-century look. From wild curves, boomerangs to spiky starbursts, you can choose any graphic pattern according to your preferences for your bedroom design. Since it is a private space where you will spend a lot of time, you can experiment with the design and ensure that it reflects your personality. 

05 of 07 Consider introducing various materials

During this time period, designers were experimenting with various designs and styles. Hence, they were breaking all kinds of norms. Various new materials were being used in bedroom designs such as plywood, glass, metal, and even plastic. Mixing these different pieces and creating a combination of different materials in one room gives the bedroom design a very unique appeal. Each of these materials has a different appeal. By choosing the right items and arranging them properly in the bedroom, you can create a great mid-century modern bedroom design that people will love. 

06 of 07 Add earthy tones to the design

If you are planning to create a mid-century modern bedroom design, you must pay attention to the tones used. The colours you choose for a space have a huge impact on the overall look. Authentic mid-century bedroom designs do not feature pastels or jewel tones. Rather, earthy tones are preferred by interior designers. There are various earthy tones you can introduce in your modern bedroom design like brown, rust, and green to create a mid-century look. If you want, you can combine these colours with other colours as well like red, blue, and yellow for a more appealing look. By experimenting with the colours a little, you can create a great interior design that is not only appealing but also matches your preferences.

07 of 07 Choose accent pieces that are retro-inspired 

If you want to create a great mid-century modern bedroom design, you must introduce a few retro-inspired accent pieces in your bedroom. Contemporary retro-inspired accent pieces will help to add more visual interest to any space. You can easily find various accent pieces in the market that will help to create a great mid-century bedroom and match your taste and personality. Something as common as a Sputnik chandelier or an Eames-style side chair will work great for this purpose.