How can you make your rental place feel-like home?

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How can you make your rental place feel-like home?

We all have a dream of having a luxury villa by the beach, fantasy apartments overlooking the city lights at night, a treehouse in a jungle, and whatnot. Not everyone gets to get their dreams fulfilled in these ways, but that’s no reason to stop you from converting your own home into your fantasy place. Yes, you heard it right! We are here to take you through the journey of converting your own house, rental home into a dream house for yourself.

We understand that rental homes, vacation rentals are sometimes not what we exactly imagined our home to be. But with some smart moves, you can always make it yours. No, we are not going to propose an overhaul of your place, so if you’re thinking we’re here to make you spend loads of money, we are not. We are just here to give you some tiny tips on how to convert your present house into a home for yourself, a home which you will live forever, a home where you will look forward to coming back even after a vacation abroad. How? Let’s see.

If you have a rental home and want to make it feel more like your own home, we have some amazing tips for you.

1. Talk to the landlord-

Before proceeding forward, we have a very important tip for you to save you from any future troubles, talk to your landlord! Without taking the permission of your landlord, don’t hurry into changing the place for yourself. Whether you are renting with pets, or have dreams of fantasy apartments, we always recommend talking to the landlord first and asking their permission for making some temporary changes to your place. These might include adding some furniture, painting, shifting the present furniture, and so on. Once you get permission, you are free to go.

2. Make minor changes-

Start with minor changes first. For example, if you have a window that you don’t like much, add a window drape over it. If you don’t like the sunshine, add window covers over it of your choice. This means you will not have to see it anymore, and you won’t even notice it exists. Another example is, if you don’t want the look of your dining room, add some paintings, add some wall hangings, or a wall sheet to cover the whole wall. It gives a completely new look to the place. These minor changes won’t be there permanently, but till the time you are there, they are going to rejuvenate the place for you.

3. Have a design in your mind-

Once you have made these minor changes, it is possible you might still not like your home. Before proceeding any further, make sure you have a design in mind. Let your imagination run free. Imagine the wildest possible furniture, room paint, beds, etc. Once you know what your house should look like and how you want it, it becomes easier to make changes. This way you won’t spend money on unnecessary stuff that you still won’t like later, and it helps you make the place one of those fantasy apartments you’ve always wanted to be in.

4. Implement the design-

Now that you have the design in mind, what’s stopping you from implementing it? We get it, the budget. When you are living in a rental home, the budget is a problem for everyone. You cannot afford to spend a lot of money on overhauling your rental home. You don’t know when you might have to shift, and most of your investment goes into the drain. We are not suggesting some expensive stuff, but some normal but different items for your home that you want.

For example, painting a wall of the living room will give your house a completely new look. Sometimes painting cost is borne by the landlord himself, so you can talk about that also. You can also get your bedroom painted. Put some lights inside to brighten up the place. Place a bookshelf, a workstation, etc to make it feel more personal and less rental. Implementing your own ideas will surely make it a place worth coming back to.

5. Get cheap furniture for your choice-

If you want to change the furniture or add some new furniture, don’t invest too much into it. Find out some cheap furniture shop or market where you can get furniture within your budget. You can add little side tables, stools, bookshelves, etc to your home to give it a more personal look. It does not entail you spending too much money, and even if you shift, you will not have to worry about them fitting in your new place. Our suggestion is, that when you buy furniture for rental, always keep shifting in the future in the mind. This way you will buy only the stuff that is easy for shifting and won’t pose a problem at your new place. If you are renting with pets you can always have a small kennel for them built which you can move easily.

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