How to Pick a Good Car Battery

How to Pick a Good Car Battery

How to Pick a Good Car Battery

The car battery is one of the most important vehicle components, which sometimes changed less often than the car itself. However, when the time comes to buy them, everything is not easy. You need to check its starting current, different terminals and some other features. But there are different types of batteries and also a number of manufacturers. So never buy anything on the principle of “took what was sold”. In this article, we will try to summarize everything available on the market so that you can make an informed purchase. 

Reasons for replacing the battery 

There can be multiple reasons which can make it necessary to replace an old battery with a new one. Only after that, the usual question arises about how to choose the right battery for your loved car. 

  • The battery is unable to hold the charge. This is a gradual and cumulative process, and it’s important to wait for the battery to fail. Battery failure often surprises the owner. The only thing he can do come to his nearest car service station in Pune, start the car and in response, what he gets is complete silence. Only the dashboard displays the battery is completely dead, although it was full yesterday. 
  • The battery is unable to charge. Usually, such situations happen in winter with sufficiently worn-out batteries. Low temperature and short trips prevent the battery from getting charged up. Moreover, because of continuous discharging, the battery can also exhaust it’s consumables, and even the charger can not help. 
  • Battery gets damaged. It can appear in the form of drips, cracks, depressurization, etc. It would be best if you never use a damaged battery in any case. 

Key selection options

Now it’s time to review how to choose a car battery and what points should be adhered to. First thing first, never buy the first model the shopkeeper shows you. Also, it is not recommended to buy devices without first familiarizing yourself with the old battery’s features and the automaker’s recommendations.

Several key characteristics affect the correct choice of batteries for cars. Specifically:

  • capacity;
  • starting current parameters;
  • marking and designations.
  • date of manufacture;
  • appearance;
  • a type;
  • sizes;
  • serviceability;
  • polarity;
  • mount;

Capacity is undoubtedly one of the most important parameters for any car battery. It is measured in Ampere/hour, determining the amount currently being passed to a specific car, engine, or other electrical parts. The higher the battery’s capacity, the more powerful it is and, consequently, more expensive.

Starting current
The starting current is the maximum a battery can supply in the minimum time. This starting push is necessary for starting the engine since when the engine is not started, the generator cannot generate electric current. It is also calculated in Ampere, and you can easily find it in the battery’s manual. While choosing a car battery, it’s important to consider this parameter because it is the one that will directly correspond with the car. 

Date of manufacturing

Many car owners have a common notion that the manufacturing date of the battery does not matter at all. But this is a very wrong misconception and should be strongly discouraged.

While looking for a car battery, I always prefer the latest ones or those manufactured more recently. A battery’s service life begins from the moment when the electrolyte gets poured inside. Therefore, it is categorically wrong to start counting the service life from the purchase date. Always make sure to look at the production date before buying a new battery. And always try to buy batteries as new as possible. If you are facing a problem while looking for a good car battery, never hesitate to contact car service at home in Pune, and ask for some recommendations from them. 

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