Creative ways to add color to your home

Creative ways to add color to your home

A pop of color across in a neutral space is bound to soothe your eyes as well as your soul, it adds contrast and breaks the symmetry of your room. Color reveals the mood of the home – some colors are vibrant and lively while others are subtle and calming. A bright feature wall, a multicolored table mat, a jewel-toned blanket design, colorful curtains are all set to add a touch of style, colour, and appeal to your home. From beautiful pastels to bold colors and contrasting patterns, these creative ideas will surely make you look out for the colour palette.

Feature wall – An accent wall painted in your favorite color can amplify the décor style of your living space. You can experiment with any texture, color, material, shape, and pattern on your wall to add a touch of individuality, depth, and style. Geometric walls laden with interesting shapes and rich hues transform walls to a mesmerizing focal point.

Statement furniture – Make an eye-catching statement with a single piece of dramatic furniture and play up the sophistication. A bright sumptuous velvet chair in deep green or blue will certainly be an attention grabber and add color to a room with a one-time buying.

Bright Accessories – To amp up the color and to add contrast with your home décor, choose rich-hued accessories. If you want to highlight an accent color in the room, mix in accessories of that color and create stunning contrast. Displaying accessories in different colors, textures, and heights, will add dimension and quickly refresh the space. A show-stopping metallic element, like a table lamp or sculptural art, nods to a modern aesthetic.

Colorful Rug – Rugs are one of the instant ways to bring color into space along with its form and function. Choose a shade that will complement the rest of the room with delicate patterns to add interest to the whole look give a vibrant boost.  An antique Persian rug can make a perfect statement hero piece for your living room.

Indoor Plants – The most splendid colors are contributed by nature itself. So, try potting an indoor plant in a patterned teapot or attractive jar to create a cool and contrasting vibe. Bringing in natural elements from the outside world into your home is sure to make your days brighter.

Bold Art – One great colorful piece of art positioned in your living room presents color and texture into a neutral space. Even a collection of framed photos with colorful matting and lively frames brings tactile appeal to your room. One perfect way to incorporate beautiful hues into your space Abstract art.

Decorative cushions – Warm colors induce coziness so use a mix of attractive shades and organic patterns to present an attractive and inviting atmosphere. You can add the just-right touch with graphic-patterned comfortable pillows in deep, rich tones too.

Incorporate these eclectic approaches to energize your room and awaken your senses. Let your experimenting with colors begin!