Classic Engagement Ring Designs That Never Fall Off the Fashion Radar

Classic Engagement Ring Designs That Never Fall Off the Fashion Radar

Have you found your dream life partner and getting engaged shortly? Well, we know you must be super thrilled about it and also a little nervous. Finding the perfect engagement ring is the topmost priority, after all, it’s not just a ring, it’s a promise that you and your partner are making to each other for life. It’s the most important piece of jewelry that you are going to wear for your entire life, and no doubt you want it to be special. With so many trends fading with time, we have put together a timeless engagement ring design collection that you can take inspiration from.

1. Solitaire Ring: Of all the designs of rings for girlfriend, a solitaire ring becomes effortlessly the most beautiful choice. It is truly loved for its simple yet powerful look. Here a large central diamond is held snuggly by a simple band of white gold metal or platinum.  Of all the cuts, the round cut of the diamond is preferred because it gives the ring a modern yet surreal look. When you slip this on the finger of your girlfriend or fiancée, the diamond will sparkle brilliantly just like their twinkling eyes, promising to take her breath away.

2. Stunning Sapphire Floral Ring: Inspired by the renowned engagement ring of Princess Diana, the centre striking blue oval-cut sapphire is surrounded by dazzling diamonds in the floral halo. This floral delight ring is surely a head turner and it looks best when set in a white gold or platinum band.

3. Three-Stone Ring- This design of this engagement ring is full of sparkle because three diamonds are set together linearly. The central diamond is larger than the other two, and these three stones are often referred to as trilogy symbolizing friendship, love, and loyalty. The stones are set very close to each other, and from a distance, it just looks like a gleaming streak of diamonds. You can browse through various designs on the internet, and buy diamond ring online with ease.

  1. Birthstone Engagement Ring- The belief that wearing your birthstone attracts a lot of abundances still prevails. This makes an ideal choice if you believe in the mystic powers of a gemstone. These have also been the preferred choice for couples because of it’s personalization to the birth month. From the price point of view also, semi-precious stones are more affordable and their brilliant colours make the engagement ring every bit attractive.
  2. Pretty Pearl Ring- Yes, these opulent beauties have been chosen for engagement rings by several people across the world including celebs for many years now. Like it is said, no one is too old to wear pearls, this lustrous gem along with a diamond makes the picture-perfect engagement ring for your partner.

Choose your engagement ring wisely, take your time to explore the options, discuss it with your life partner as to what they have in mind. After all, you both have to spend your life together so pick a ring that you both can cherish for a lifetime.