Air Conditioners And Its Servicing And Maintenance: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

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Air Conditioners And Its Servicing And Maintenance: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Air conditioners are the much-needed relaxation from the scorching heat and sun in summers. Also, there is added humidity at a place, which makes it worse in a country like ours, where we have tropical weather. Most parts of our country face intense summers for almost 3 months. Then there is extensive summer for 3 additional in the form of rainfall and humid weather. All these make the Indian market a perfect place to sell air conditioners. Thanks to the growing economy and the increase in income of the middle class in the past few decades, the surge in AC demand has been tremendous year over year. Just because of sheer population and big demography, India has all the major AC manufacturers in the game. Most of them have their own AC manufacturing plants here in India. 

O General is a big name in the AC manufacturing business and is one of the leading brands in India. The O General AC brand is owned by Japanese conglomerate Fujitsu. In India, it has a joint venture with the ETA-Ascon group and has its headquarters in Chennai. In India, they are also called ETA General. Not only O General AC’s are made in India for the local market, but they are also exported from here to other countries. Since AC’s are not plug n play devices and need regular service and maintenance. 

O General has multiple showrooms and service centers spread across the country. Having a deep and big network is important so that you can reach customers from every corner of the country. The next step is having the same network for service and maintenance so that customers have confidence in the product. Let’s discuss in this article the after-sales service of O General and how O General customer care number can help you in answering all your queries if you are planning to buy one AC. 

Which AC To Buy And What Features It Should Have?

One of the bluntest questions that a potential AC buyer faces today is which brand and model is ideal for my need. There are many questions that one should ask themselves before making a decision. What is the budget, what is the size of the room or area which we want to air condition? Which type of AC like window or split or tower based on the room and need. Do you face voltage fluctuation and need an inverter AC rather than a normal one? What size of AC are we looking for one tonne, 1.5-ton, 2 ton, or more? Are you looking for a centralized AC solution? You can take help by dialing the AC customer care number of the brand, in this case, O General, to enquire about all these things. Still, you cannot make the final decision as you also need to look at the post-sales service experience of the brand in your city or locality. 

What Makes An AC Brand A Real After-Sales Champion?

Well, the answer to the above question can only be found by doing some research. If you have zeroed in on a brand and model, you should start querying and researching the brand on various available platforms on the internet like blogs, social media, and e-commerce websites. If you are an old school, then searching for the customer care number and giving them a call to know more can be a good idea. For a more neutral view, you can also visit your nearby electronic shop that sells the same brand and ask them about the brand’s popularity and customer feedback. 

You can also find out the nearby service center of the brand and pay a visit. You can ask them about general product service-related information and how much it will cost in the longer term. Generally, once you buy an AC for the first year, the service is free, and the product is under warranty. But after that, you can either go for extended warranty service by paying a one-time amount, or you can pay as per services taken. For any replacement of parts like a fan, compressor, filter, etc., you will be charged separately. Once all of these aspects are dealt with, and you have a clear idea about what you are going to invest in, it’s time to purchase the product and get it installed. 


In the end, we can say that AC might appear to be a common appliance that is plugged in to give us relief in the summers. But you need to be aware of the fact that once you buy an AC from a brand, you are tied into a long relationship with that brand and the whole after-sales service customer care centers and service engineers. So make your choice very carefully as spending some more money on a more trusted brand as O General can always pay you the dividends later in the form of a great product and service.