A Guide On Different Types of Mattresses

A Guide On Different Types of Mattresses

A Guide On Different Types of Mattresses

We all use mattresses at home because we all sleep. However, mattresses differ in terms of quality, durability, comfort and support. After a stressful day, you will agree with me that having a sound, undisturbed sleep is essential. Therefore, you must get a mattress that will ensure that.

This article will talk on two types of mattresses: pocketed coil mattresses and the latex hybrid mattress. Read on as we explore.

What is a pocketed coil mattress?

Pocketed coil mattresses are a type of mattresses in which the springs are individually enclosed so that they perform independently and give maximum support to the body. It has advantages over traditional coil mattresses.

What is a latex hybrid mattress?

A latex hybrid mattress is a combination of a spring coil system and a memory foam top. It is made of latex.

Latex hybrid mattresses offer the same benefits found in pocketed coil mattresses. Therefore, you can always go for this in case you have a minimal budget.

Similarities Between the Two

The obvious differences between pocketed coil mattresses and latex hybrid mattress are found in the materials and construction. Apart from these, latex hybrid mattress offers same benefits as pocketed coil mattresses, hence their similarities. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Comfort, Support and Firmness

A latex hybrid mattress offers therapeutic support, comfort, and calmness. It helps to relieve back and muscle pain.

  1. Pure, natural sleep environment

The materials with which latex hybrid mattress is made offer a pure, natural sleep environment.

  1. No Sleep Disturbances

You can change your sleeping positions at night, quickly and quietly without you even waking up. This is an advantage a latex hybrid mattress has over pocketed coil mattresses.

  1. Durability

You don’t have to worry if your mattress if wear out or last long because it will definitely last long. This is because the materials with which it is made can hold up for many years.

Therefore, depending on your pocket, you can decide to go for pocketed coil mattresses or a latex hybrid mattress. You will surely not regret purchasing either of the two.


Pocketed coil mattresses are much better than the regular innerspring mattresses. They offer maximum sleep support and make sure you have an undisturbed sleep at night. They are an advancement in technology. 

Pocketed coil mattresses may be more expensive than traditional or regular innerspring mattresses but they are worth the price.

However, in case you can’t afford pocketed coil mattresses and the regular innerspring ones are a no no for you, then you can opt for a latex hybrid mattress. This has no coils, which means you won’t hear that squeaking noise at night. The best part of it is that it offers almost all the benefits a coil mattress will give. Isn’t that awesome?

There are many mattresses options in the market. What you buy depends on what you want, the information you have and even the money in your pocket. Ensure you go for the best as getting a sound sleep is vital for good health.