500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

To become a yoga teacher, one must complete a few yoga courses and learn about yoga first. There are a lot of courses that you can attend such as a 200 Hours entry-level yoga teacher training course and an extensive 500-hour yoga teacher training course. This course aims to educate you about yoga. So that when you become a yoga teacher you have all the knowledge that one might need while teaching yoga. A 500-hour yoga teacher training course has more to offer in comparison to a 100 hour or a 200-hour yoga teacher training course.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is aimed at producing highly skilled yoga teachers that would be able to guide their students in a better way. This course is considered the highest level of yoga courses that you can have. Teachers with 500 hours of yoga teacher training course are considered better mentors because they have extensive knowledge and experience as a student and also as a teacher as well. This extensive knowledge helps them teach their students in a better way.

There are a lot of benefits of this course, below is the detail of a few of them.

Benefits of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training:

  • More time to learn:

A 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course is more comprehensive than any other course. The length of hours means the time that you have given to the studies of yoga theory, spiritual awakening, and learning about the benefits of the physical and mental nature of yoga. You have more time to learn and experience all the theories of yoga. You can choose to stick with one theory and ignore others but if you want, you can also explore multiple theories of yoga at the same time as well. This would further enhance your knowledge and ability to practice yoga more spiritually.

  • Online and Offline Courses:

There are a lot of places that offer offline 500 Hour yoga teacher training courses that you can join and physically attend classes. But there are also a lot of places that offer online 500-hour yoga teacher training courses. This extra flexibility enables you to learn from home during the days of pandemics or if you do not want to leave your house at all.

  • Certification:

At the end of the training, you will be presented with a world accredited certification that would state that you have completed the 500 Hour yoga teacher training. Consider this a degree that one may need to do a job. To teach yoga, you need this certification. This certification would help you build your student base around you. The more you have to offer the more students you would be able to attract, and with 500 hours of training, you would have a huge amount of knowledge and personal experience to share with your students.

  • Better knowledge about safety:

If you attend this training, you would be better able to know the flaws of your practices and how other people make mistakes while practicing yoga. These practices sometimes can be dangerous as well. That is why keeping a closer eye on your student’s movements and safety knowledge would help you be better at teaching safely to your students.

  • Advanced Yoga Teacher:

This yoga course enables you to join any of the world’s renowned yoga associations or a local association as an advanced yoga teacher. This is something you can only achieve after completing the course and obtaining your 500 Hour Teacher Training certificate. This affiliation allows you to teach advanced classes of yoga.

Why join a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

One should join a 500-hour yoga teacher training if he/she wants to become a pro-level yoga teacher. A pro-level yoga teacher with all the required knowledge about theory, practices, spirituality, safety while practicing, and more insight into the mistakes of the students. This course is a complete set that would make you the best yoga teacher. Also, not all yoga teachers have this course, so you would be a better option for your students as well. You will get more students and more students mean you will have a successful career as a yoga teacher.


From the discussion in the article above, one can say that a 500-hour yoga teacher training is something a person may need to become an advanced yoga teacher. It is a certification course that would allow a person to become a successful teacher of advanced yoga. This course can be your way into a successful yoga career if you are looking forward to it. It can also upskill your knowledge if you already have 200-hour yoga teacher training. This additional training combined with 200-hour training would mean that you are an authority at teaching yoga.