Car Insurance Buying Guide for People in Their 30s

Thirties is a time when maturity hits hard. People are in different stages of life; some have achieved their financial independence, whereas some are about to start a family. This is the most common time when you think of buying a new car, just after honing your skills on the car that your parents used at once. Little do you people know that it is not just the car that needs to be looked after, but also its insurance policy.

This guide is the perfect companion to understanding what should be the first things to look at when you purchase a car insurance policy. Let’s have a look –

#1 Choice of car insurance cover

The first and foremost decision it comes when you buy car insurance online or offline, is selecting the type of insurance policy. There are two types of plans – third-party policies and comprehensive plans. A third-party policy is the one that ensures protection from third-party liabilities only. Thus, it is also known as liability-only cover. Here, the insurance policy’s coverage is limited to pay for damages that may be due to third parties. These third-party plans are bare minimum and prescribed by law for all vehicle owners. But if you are someone who is looking forward to having a safety net for their car too, comprehensive policy is the way to go ahead. Comprehensive plans ensure protection against natural calamities, man-made perils and even theft. Moreover, any damages to your car are also covered under the insurance cover. These comprehensive plans can also be customised with the help of add-ons which are additional and optional features not available when you purchase a third-party policy but offered with comprehensive car insurance plans. 

#2 Selecting appropriate add-ons

Having a financial stability is common during thirties and that is when you can think about enhancing your car insurance coverage using add-ons. Since you need to get comprehensive insurance policy to pick these add-ons, you can customise the policy coverage to check all your requirements. Among the various add-ons, selecting the ones that adds value to your insurance coverage will help you design a suitable policy cover. 

#3 Online and Cashless facility

With work from home being the new normal in today’s day and age, it can be difficult to physically visit your insurers office. This is when buying your comprehensive plan or third party car insurance online is recommended. Moreover, 30’s is when you are caught most times with your professional as well as personal commitments and sparing time for car insurance policy can seem be an arduous task. Also, opting for a cashless policy will also aid to settle claims swiftly and without hassles of paying for the repairs at first and then reimbursing the claim. Majority insurance companies now offer cashless as well as online insurance plans for this added convenience. 

#4 Straightforward claim process

When you purchase a policy with simple claim process, it adds to the convenience of having an insurance plan. With limited time for to juggle personal and professional life, it is essential you are aware of the claim process before you finalise on a policy. So, it is advisable you compare car insurance for factors including the claim process along with other features. 

These are some tips that can help in availing the right insurance coverage for your car. So, make note of these smart and nifty tips to get a suitable car insurance policy. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.


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